Use Oxygen Safely

  • Do not use oxygen around heat or flame Compressed oxygen can catch on fire. Keep the oxygen concentrator 5 feet away from open flames or heaters, such as candles or hot water heaters. Do not use anything flammable, such as cleaning fluids, gasoline, or aerosol sprays near your oxygen.
  • Do not smoke while you are using oxygen Do not let anyone smoke around you.
  • Do not change the flow of your oxygen unless your Doctor tells you to. Turn your oxygen concentrator off when you are not using your oxygen.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take sedatives while you use oxygen. These may slow your breathing.
  • Put signs on all the doors of your house to let visitors and emergency workers know that oxygen is in use.
  • Follow instructions for use and maintenance of your oxygen equipment Keep your oxygen concentrator secured in an upright position. Oxygen concentrator may become damaged if they fall over